Pizza Ragazzi logo

Logo design for a pizza delivery & restaurant called Pizza Ragazzi. They offer high quality italian food for reasonable prices. The brief from the cleint was to create a simple logo with no clichés using like “pizza slices” instead using in their logo something what represents a pizza delivery and a symbol which they can use later separately. So I created a logo badge with a symbol of a “delivery motorcycle” with a letter “R” inside. For a typography I used uppercase modern sans serif typo for setting a bold & timeless look of the logo. I also took few photos for them to use on print materials as well as on socials & designed the menu card & billboards.

  • Pizza_Ragazzi_Portfolio_presentation_01
  • Pizza_Ragazzi_Portfolio_presentation_02
  • Pizza_Ragazzi_Portfolio_presentation_03
  • Pizza_Ragazzi_Portfolio_presentation_04
  • Pizza_Ragazzi_Portfolio_presentation_04
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